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Termo–Simax Inženjering is a company established in 1992 by merging of Termoset and Simax. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds projects we have become specialized in the development of diaphragm type vessels. In the first place we have developed a bladder that have a particular form and shape with which it is possible to satisfy all requested measures and apply it in all types of steel tanks. This means that there are no restrictions in volume and pressure.

We have developed the following types of bladders:
– that support temperature up to 100ºC and for the application in HVAC
– based on natural rubber and for application in vessels for potable water
– resistant to petroleum and oil products.

Wastewater Project

A’Seeb, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
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Potable Water Station

Železnik, Belgrade, Serbia
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Bele Vode
Potable Water Station

Bele Vode, Belgrade, Serbia
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Pančevo Oil Refinery

Pančevo, Serbia
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Water Supply System

Cetinje, Montenegro
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Irrigation system

Grocka, Serbia
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Construction of these vessels and their applications are a relatively new technology. Diaphragm type systems operates on ratio between volume and pressure, and the elastic behaviour of flexible barriers (bladders) that perform a fixed distribution of volume. Characteristics mentioned above open a wide range of application such as surge vessels in water supply systems (pump stations), heat storage units in HVAC and pressure vessels in fire extinguishing systems, as well as agriculture irrigation systems.

At this point we emphasize main characteristics of Termo–Simax Inženjering equipment:
all products of our company are original solutions that have been developed over many years of practice dealing with the development of diaphragm type systems and their applications in engineering,
all products are made for the known customer or an investor,
products can be manufactured in all requested pressure and size.

Alongside manufacturing Termo–Simax Inženjering is engaged in designing and engineering installations and systems as well as maintenance directly related to the use of our devices.

Certificates And Standards

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Based on good performance and dedicate professionalism, since 2014. chamber of commerce and industry of Serbia, certified our company with Excellent certificate for small and medium enterprises. Also, we are fully ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Together with our subcontractors we have progressed a lot in the area of certificates of compliance of our products and staff with the requirements of EU in the safety and compliance of our products and staff with EU legislation. Together with our subcontractors we possess certificates in accordance with national and EN norms.

Products certificates:
– ISO 9001:2008;
– ISO 1401:2004;
– EN ISO 3834–2;
– PED 97;23;EC;
– AD 2000 Merkblatt HPO Sec. 3; EN 13445–4;
– TPED 1999;36;EC;
– Republic inspection for equipment under pressure.

Staff certificates:
– Welders Certificates
– Penetrate Testing Certificates
– Radio–graphic Testing Certificates
– Ultrasonic Testing Certificates
– Visual Testing Certificates



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Bladder type pressure vessels in HVAC

Heat storage systems are unique storage of energy. Precisely, bladder prevents mixing of stored hot and returning cold water. These systems are suitable for either systems with fossil fuel boilers or alternative energy sources like solar systems or biomass boilers, etc.

Bladder type pressure vessels in water supply

Because of unique shape and bladder attachment method, we are able to constantly monitor the level of fulfilment of vessels through passive system. Also we have to mention that the bladder is not burdened by the pressure which gives it a longer life expectancy. Diaphragm type pressure vessels for preventing occurrence of water hammer are the vessels that set us apart from other companies.

Bladder type pressure vessels for petroleum and oil products

Bladder type tanks for liquid fuel at the atmospheric pressure are classic liquid fuel storage tanks with built–in membrane. During regular refuelling there is calculated loss of 1% to 3% of the tank volume on vapour and gasoline fumes while on refuelling with our system there are no losses. Savings on installation of this systems are considerable.


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Water Supply System

Lazarevac, Serbia

Water Supply Pumping Station

Pančevo, Serbia

Potable Water Pumping Station

Frikom JSC, Belgrade, Serbia

Wastewater Project

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman